The Human Singularity Network was founded in 2023 with two goals in mind. First, to support and give more transparency to another already existing Open Source Project. Second, to be able to support ideas with a focus on improving society and humanity.

The initial project is Gregory MS . This is an implementation of GregoryAI to speed up Multiple Sclerosis research.

The network was funded by 3 friends, António Lopes, Bruno Amaral, and Margarida Gomes; the same team responsible for running GregoryMS since 2020.

Governing Bodies

Board of Directors

Audit Committee

General Assembly Board

Registry information

Name: Tempos Algorítmicos - Associação Para O Desenvolvimento Social E Humano Pela Tecnologia

Tax ID: 517563363

Address: Rua Abade Faria 48, rc dto 1900-008, Lisboa, Portugal